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October News

      October News-2nd Grade    

Important Dates

Friday, October 25th-Uniform Optional Day for $1 and Movie night @ 4:30 in the gym 

Wednesday, October 30th-Class Halloween party 1:45-2:30

(details to follow in separate flyer)

At school 

At home

Reading-This month we will be reading informational texts. We will be learning how to identify the main topic of a whole text and the  focus of each section within a text. We will do this by reading closely to understand what the key details are teaching us about. 


Writing-As authors, we will be writing informational pieces about animals. We will use our own background knowledge to write true facts. We will begin using a paragraph structure when we write. Each paragraph will include a topic sentence, facts, one definition, and a closing sentence. We will continue to do our best spelling and check to make sure our capitals and punctuation are correct.


Math-We have been working on using addition  strategies. We have also been practicing our doubles facts and combinations of 10 facts.


Science-We will be learning about the four seasons and weather.

Students need to be reading for at least 20 minutes 5 days a week. Be sure to sign your child’s reading log. Family members can  also support by asking who, what, where, when, why and how questions about the book to encourage reading closely.


Family can support by asking students to write facts they know about animals. Ask them what they look like and what actions they do. Students can also work on spelling and handwriting while writing anything at home. This can include things like grocery lists, chore lists, or even writing loved ones letters, all practice helps!


Students can practice at home by adding objects together and writing number models _ + _ = _. They can also draw pictures and write addition number stories that match.


Look up the weather forecast for the day or week. Ask your child to use weather words (sunny, cloudy, rainy...etc.) to describe what the weather is like.