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March Newsletter


March News      

Important Dates

Tuesday, March 5- Class pictures (uniform optional)

Friday, March 8-Movie night 4:30-7:00 in the gym (details to follow in separate flyer)

Thursday, March 21- PTO meeting 5:30-6:30

March 25, 26, 27, 28, 29-SPRING BREAK

Monday April 1- No School

At school

At home

Reading-This month we will be reading fiction stories, with a focus on asking and answering questions about the characters and plot.


Writing-As authors, we will be writing personal narratives about our own experiences. We will focus on adding detail to give our readers a clear picture of the best part of our story. We will also continue to write using paragraph structure, our best spelling and check for capitals and punctuation.


Math-We have been working on addition and subtraction strategies. This month we will continue to learn additional strategies  but we will be adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers through the use of number stories.


Social Studies-In March we will be learning about personal finances. We will learn the difference between needs and wants and learn ways to make responsible decisions about money.

Students need to be reading for at least 20 minutes every night. Family members can  support by asking who, what, where, when, why and how questions about the book to encourage reading closely.


Family can support by asking students to describe things around the house using their five senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. Students can also work on spelling and handwriting while writing at home. This can include things like grocery lists, chore lists, or even writing loved ones letters, all practice helps!


Students can practice at home by counting objects at home, counting backwards, and telling stories that involve adding or taking away amounts.


Include your child in conversations about money. Start a piggy bank or coin jar at home. Have your child set goals and save up for something they need or want. Have them count and recount the coins they are collecting to reinforce math skills too.