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February Newsletter

February Newsletter

Important Dates

2/12/19-School in Session- Parent/Teacher Conferences

2/13/19-No School- Parent/Teacher Conferences

2/14/19, 2/15/19, 2/18/19- No School

2/25/19- Field Trip- We will be going the WOW! Children’s Museum.  We need 2 chaperones per class. Chaperones will help students participate in our Balance and Motion class and actively supervise when visiting exhibits. Please contact your child’s teacher if you would like to be a chaperone. Permission slips and more details will be sent home next Monday.

At school

At home

Reading- We continue to read informational texts. We have been working on making connections and identifying the author’s purpose for writing the text. We will finish up this theme by reviewing identifying the main topic of a whole text and the focus of each section in the text.


Writing- Our research unit is almost complete. Students have been learning facts about habitats and using them to write a research piece that answers this guiding question:

What makes __different than other habitats?  

Our next unit will be opinion writing.  We will research a topic and use facts to decide what our opinion is and why we think that.


Math-We are learning how to use a variety of addition and subtraction strategies to solve problems.


Science -We continue to work on our Force and Motion unit. We are learning important vocabulary and how to do investigations. We make predictions, observe, and explain what happened and why.

Students can practice by reading informational texts (nonfiction) and writing 3 things that they learned from the text. They can also explain how they know what the main topic of the book is.

*Students are expected to read for 20 minutes, 5 nights a week. Please sign your child’s reading log in their reading bag.*


Students can go to on our school website and read about animals and habitats. The username is paws and the password is paws.


Ask your child basic facts and have them tell you the sum. Their goal is to answer quickly and correctly. Some ideas are doubles facts (2+2,3+3,etc.) and sums of 10.