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January Newsletter

January News

Important Dates

January 18 - Assessment Day

January 21 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day observed NO SCHOOL

At school

At home

Reading-This month students will be reading non-fiction stories. Students will discuss the connection between historical events in a text.  Students will also identify the main topic as well as the focus of specific paragraphs within the text.


Writing- The  writing unit is research writing.  Students will write an informative text with facts and a definition.


Math-Students will work on place value (ones, tens, and hundreds) and compare numbers by looking at the place value.  Next the focus is on money and number stories.


Science -The science unit is about force and motion.  


Students can practice by reading for at least 20 min. every night and discuss the connection between two things (similarities or differences).  Also students can state the main topic of the book.


Students can research and take notes about different habitats such as the rainforest and desert and bring those notes to class.  


Students can practice by making change to buy an item.  Together with your students create and solve addition and subtraction number stories.