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1st Grade

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+++To contact Mr. Ryan, Ms S or Ms Perez - Click HERE +++

Technical Support

For technical assistance in support of remote learning, please visit to read FAQs or submit a service request. Families can also request technical assistance by sending an email to or calling (720) 972-4118 to leave a message. Please provide as much information as possible in your request (such as: student name, student ID / lunch number, a phone number or email we can use to contact the family, a complete description of the problem).

1st Grade Classrooms

Ms Battista's Class

Cute puppy reading a book with glasses
Subject: General Education
                                      START LEARNING HERE Congratulations, we did it!! This is our last week of remote learning!                 ¡Felicidades, lo logramos! ¡Esta es nuestra última semana de aprendizaje remoto!    Weekly...

Ms. Gold's Class

Subject: General Education
Remote Learning Information: Ms. Gold's Office Hours  Join Zoom: Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00 click here: Ms. Gold's Phone Number: (303)905-2663 Monday/Tuesday=8:00-9:00 and 3:00-4:00 Wednesday/Thursday=9...

Mrs. Reagan's Class

Subject: General Education
Contact Information:  email:                phone or text: (865) 300-4084  *Please make sure to read ALL of the important information below! ¡Asegúrese de leer TODA la información importante a continuación!*...