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CMASS and PARCC Resources

Assessment Practice links:

For CMASS Science and Social Studies go to Pearson Access

Sample Items - sample items together for grade 3-5 ELA (11 questions) and 3-5 Math.  Sample Items are NOT scored.

Unsecure Practice Tests - these are aligned to the specifications of each grade level and content area.  These are NOT from the test simulation site.  This is a non secure practice test site.  This site gives a score at the end of the test for ELA.

Secure Practice Tests -  60 minutes each. You will need your pearson login and password for this site.  ELA and Math simulated test have been created for each 3-5 teacher.  This site simulates the real test, and students will have to log in with test tickets.

TestNAV Tutorial Site - 30 minutes.  Students must access this before taking the test.  This site proveds descriptions and step-by-step instructions for accessing the computer-based tools and navigation.

PEARSON LIVE TESTING SITE - use this site to start and monitor PARCC ELA and MATH Tests